Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oshawa, ON

Some may visit this blog only but if you go over to the MLWP site you will find over a hundred new clippings and results from Oshawa, ON 1950's to the 80's with more to come. 

Clip above from 1967
67/06/06 Oshawa, ON Civic Auditorium
NWA World Title Gene Kiniski W 2/3 Johnny Valentine (US Champ)
Fred Atkins/Tiger Jeet Singh W 2/3 Sweet Daddy Siki/Tony Marino
Lorenze Parente W/DQ Mohad Singh
Ref : Bunny Dunlop

The Civic Auditorium was leveled last year, the new arena the GM center is quite a spot too but many memories went down with the building and the property is now under a re-build for other purposes

I am working on a feature of Pat Milosh, the long time Oshawa Promoter, if you can help please contact me 

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