Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kiniski vs The Sheik 1976

I came in to a lot of clips/bouts from the 76-77 era, here is a bout between U.S. Champ The Sheik and Former World Champ Gene Kiniski from Aug 8 1976.

This was the third and final bout in the series, Sheik won the first by dq and both were counted out in the second so Andre The Giant was brought in as a special referee to finally determine a winner.

Andre would have a impact on the bout grabbing The Sheik's pencil out of his hand and at one point Andre picks up the interfering Abdullah Farouk and carries him down the ramp and deposits him in the hallway. While Andre is away The Sheik works behind reg referee Tiger Tasker's back and manages to pin Kiniski for the win.

Tasker raises Sheik's hand but Andre returns to the ring and disqualifies Sheik and awards the bout to Kiniski.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Race vs Sheik 1977

In the summer of 1977 MLG was undergoing renovations so Frank Tunney promoted a series of three cards at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. The second of the three on July 10 would mark the final appearance of The Sheik on a Tunney promoted card. 

The US Champ would vie for the NWA Title vs Harley Race in an exciting bout that ended up being decided on the floor of the baseball stadium. At one point Race and Sheik end up on Norm Kimber's table and the normally staid Ring Announcer has to run for his life. 

The action spills outside again and The Sheik attacks Race with the table earning a disqualification before stopping to pray to Allah in a move to stop Race's attack. The NWA champ however grabs a large hammer type object and the Noble One wisely exits to the dugout

77/07/10 Exhibition Stadium
NWA Title: Harley Race WDQ The Sheik
WWWF Title: Superstar Graham WP Chief Jay Strongbow
Andre the Giant DCOR Ken Patera
International Tag Titles: The Crusaders W Reginald Love/Chris Tolos
Stan Stasiak W Al Costello
Haystack Calhoun WDQ Bulldog Kent
Tony Parisi D The Mongol
The Wildman D Pat Kelly
Farmer Pete W Little Bruiser

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jimmy Szikszay

Thanks to Mike Norris for the photo above of Oshawa native Jimmy Szikszay circa mid 50's in the Gulf Coast region where he also served as Southern Jr Heavyweight Champ. 

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Szikszay or Siksay as he was often billed, was a part of the Oshawa Wrestling Club that promoted cards in Oshawa, ON prior to Pat Milosh taking over in 1947. He also worked as a road agent with the midget wrestlers booked by Jack Britton  and Bert Ruby. If you have any other info or pics please contact me

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ottawa 1943-44

More from the Newspaper Archives during the era when Toronto Promoter Frank Tunney was also presenting cards in our nations Capital. Above is 1944, all below from 1943

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Angie 1960

An article from the Newspaper Archives (Ottawa Citizen) on Angelo Mosca's 'debut' as a pro wrestler while he was a member of the Ottawa Rough Riders of the CFL. Mosca is indeed a legend on and off the field and still can be an intimidating persona even at 73 years of age! 

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Classic Bouts '62-'63

Toronto was an epicenter for Wrestling History in the early 60's with some big bouts that led into the formation of the WWWF.

The July 12 1962 match-up of Rogers and Bruno is posted elsewhere on this blog, this is their rematch on Aug 2 when Bruno wins but won't accept the title due to the circumstances.

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In 1963 we would see Lou Thesz beat Rogers to regain the NWA Title and Rogers would then go on to be the first WWWF champ. Clips below from Jan 24 1963

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brito & Parisi 1982

Gino Brito and Tony Parisi vs The Hangman Neil Guay and Gilles Poisson in Louisville, NY Dec 1982

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Toronto News 1954

A cool publication titled Wrestling Publicity Ink out of Dayton Ohio, Feb 1954 issue. 

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Here are a few Toronto related items including a recap of the largest crowd of 1953 at MLG to see the tag rivalry of Whipper and Robert vs The Mills Brothers. Referee Joe Golub whom I have learned took a lot of bumps in his day from both the wrestlers and the fans takes some more!

The author mistakenly refers to the tag Trophy as the 'Calder' (given to the NHL Rookie of the year) instead of the 'Calvert' Trophy. Further confusing is that there was also a Calvert Trophy awarded in Canadian hockey around this time (may be only interesting to myself as it's my family surname -unfortunately not affiliated with the liquor giants). 

Anyways the Mills brothers would end up destroying that trophy after losing to Whipper and Hombre Montana in Feb 1954 (see Gary Will's TWH - Canadian Open Tag Title for the tag history) and after the Mills destroyed the Calvert trophy they would present the 'George Richards Trophy' which also has a family connection - my Dad worked for Richards clothing business at one point. Enough rambling hope you enjoy the articles !

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